How to choose which Jewel to give?

If you are a lover of our jewelry, surely the most difficult moment is choosing which ones to buy. Today we are going to tell you some secrets so that you know how to choose the ideal jewel according to the shape of your face.

Before starting, we remind you that there are no rules that dictate what is correct and what is not when wearing jewelry, although this time we are talking about advice given by Swarovski, a brand that you find in our designs.

If you follow these simple tips, you will notice a big difference in how you look and feel when you wear your Gloss Jewelry. So let's get started!

Let's imagine you want to buy new earrings. What should you consider according to the shape of your face? Below we talk about the most common face shapes and how to choose the right jewel for each of them.

Do not forget to take a good look in the mirror and identify which of them best suits you, so you can make use of the appropriate advice for the shape of your face.


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Oval Faces

If your face is oval in shape, you're in luck! Since this form allows you to carry practically any jewel. For example, a Swarovski City Look Crystal Necklace or Swarovski Luna Earrings. Can you imagine how you will look with them at your next meeting?

Round Faces

If this is your case, the ideal is to avoid hoops of this same geometry, since they tend to accentuate the roundness of your face more. The ideal is to use long or angular earrings. This way you will look more beautiful, we guarantee it.

Heart shaped face

If your face has a more triangular shape, you should avoid wearing earrings that end in a point or that flare out at the top. An excellent option for you are the Isidora Hoops. Have you seen them yet?

Square face

To soften your features, the best thing you can do is wear long earrings, this diminishes the lines of your face and makes you look great. A model that greatly benefits you is our pair of Ozone Hoops. The best, you can buy it online.

And remember to accompany your earrings with a beautiful necklace from our collection, but above all, buy those jewels that make you feel good. The most important thing is how you feel when wearing your jewelry, but yes, they must always be of quality, they must be Gloss.


Until next time!