If you are looking to make someone feel special, with a unique gift, a jewel is an excellent option. Here we tell you why to give jewelry and the best tips to choose them. 

At some point we all seek to give a gift with special meaning. Whether for our mother, sisters or for our partner, a piece of jewelery is an excellent option.

Simbolismo de las joyas

Each jewel has a special meaning. Through the art of goldsmithing we can connote special moments in our lives, such as an engagement, a special birthday, marking a memory or a stage of life.

It's not just about conquering

In general, if we think of giving jewelry, we place ourselves in a romantic context. And while it can be an excellent option to show love and commitment to a partner, jewelry does not only refer to that.

Choosing a jewel as a gift implies taking into account what the other person likes, what their style of accessories is, what their favorite color is, among other things. In addition, you also have to take into account what this accessory represents for the person who receives it. For this reason, giving a jewel necessarily implies giving emotions to the recipient.

Jewelry as a symbol of protection

Throughout history, jewels and precious stones have a connotation of protection. Through the different properties of the elements that compose it, we are also transmitting a message to those who will receive this gift..

Symbols such as the Hand of Fatima or the Our Father have this meaning. Through a pendant with this symbolism, it is sought that the person who receives the gift has a talisman that protects him from bad energies.

Collar Padre Nuestro

Jewelry as a symbol of love

An engagement, an important detail, or a stage of life can also be marked with a jewel as a gift. Although the rings are associated with commitment and the love of a couple, you can also represent love with other types of jewelry. A bracelet with a story, where, with the different charms that make it up, you tell the person's story – or your story with them – is an excellent gift option.

Another option can be a necklace with a pendant. Being something that the person who receives it will always carry close to their heart, it is a gift that speaks of the emotional bond that is generated. This gift is ideal to give to our mothers, sisters or important women to whom we want to return love.

Collar Joyas Gloss Crystal

Each jewel that we have in the Gloss catalog is an excellent option to give as a gift. We invite you to get to know it and to write to us, we are here to help you find that special gift, which is based on the message of transmitting happiness and good wishes to those who will receive this gift.