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We are a Chilean company with a 10-year history founded by Catherina Montes in 2010, who also designs all the collections. Our main inspiration is the creation of designs that can be used both on a daily basis and at a special moment and that highlight the best of each woman by adding a unique personal style.


Each piece is made with love from the design process, manufacturing and delivery of the product. We are inspired by fashion and current trends, rescuing the tastes of Chilean women, offering urban and elegant jewelry.


We are a company 100% made up of women and for women! We strengthen ourselves as a brand and we know perfectly well what our client needs.


We are direct clients of the Swarovski® Company, therefore all our crystals are 100% original. We produce and market handmade jewelry with our own designs.


I started making beaded necklaces when I was about 8 years old. I always liked crafts and I enjoyed making accessories that I gave to my friends at school.

Then in my teens I went through a difficult period and started selling earrings and necklaces on the beach. This way I could help my house with the basic expenses. It was not easy, I am an only child, my grandmother and my mother raised me. I never met my dad until today.

Already in college I continued with this passion and also worked as a promoter, salesperson and other similar jobs that helped me finance my studies.

I worked in parallel from the first day of my Public Administration career. And in my last year I already knew that I loved the relationship with people, and even more, making women get the best out of themselves. At this moment I began to sell my handmade accessories at Design Fairs, where I discovered that women felt prettier when wearing earrings or a necklace.

In 2015 I came to knock on the doors of the Swarovski® company and they accepted me as a client, which filled me with pride and emotion when I saw that a great company believed in me.

Many people ask me why I quit my "formal" job less than a year ago and I answer them, because what moves me is my PASSION, because when you do something for yourself and others, we all win.

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